Income and Expenses – April 2016

Tracking your expenses isn’t a new idea, but it really is a great one. I myself decided to keep track of mine after reading Dividend Mantra for a time. I think the best way to keep myself accountable is to write everything down for all to see. I recommend everyone actually write out your outcomes from each month. It seems to have more impact than just looking at your Mint budget. Let’s call this my “Weight Watchers for Money”.

Below I’ve recorded in charts and graphs some data points I thought might be good to keep track of.


Paycheck $4,745
401k $1,500
HSA $238*
 Misc Income $700*
 Total Income $7,183

Income Notes:

*HSA – Higher to make up for not contributing earlier in the year.

*Misc Income – I got $400 from the Capital One Venture Card sign up bonus as well as $300 from helping fill in for some odd jobs.

Rent $1,022
Food & Dining $528
Bills & Utilities $238*
Auto & Transport $20*
Misc $246
Total Expenses $2,054

Expense Notes:

*Bills & Utilities – I pay my cell phone bill every few months so $120 came from that.

*Auto & Transport – Paid off 6 total months last month to help get to spending bonus on Venture Card.

 Monthly Report
Savings Rate 71.4%
Net Worth $108,327

Monthly Report Notes:

This was a great month, especially with the extra income coming in at $700! I’m a huge fan of credit card sign up bonuses, although I would never carry a balance and have never paid interest on one. If you’re someone that struggles to pay off debt each month then I would highly discourage you from temping yourself.

Net Worth Chart

Chart Cred:

Final Word

Being my first installment I’d love to hear what metrics are interesting. Month to month save rate? Net Worth Progression? How money is distributed by account?

Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Income and Expenses – April 2016”

    1. Joe,

      I didn’t go looking on Craiglist or anything like that. My friend mentioned that he was short for his moving crew over a few weekends. They were all pretty small and netted me about $100 each.

      Odd jobs really are a great way to pick up some extra cash!


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