Who Am I?

I’m not financially independent, at least not yet. If you’re looking for someone who has already done it then I won’t be much help, but if you’re interested in the journey to financial independence then my story might be for you.

I started my journey the day after I left college for the real world, armed only with my less than lucrative <insert B.S. degree here> and some basic nerd computer interest. Oh and by B.S. I don’t just mean Bachelors of Science.

I drove over 1,000 miles in order to start my below average salary (less than 40k) in beautiful South Florida. I’m not sure what I love more, no snow or no state income tax. The only thing I hated more than snow was having debt, and my expensive college made sure I had plenty of it to the tune of $25K+. I’m just lucky my parents helped me keep it that low.

My first job didn’t pay much, but I pinched every penny I could in order to work on my student loans. I even took on a second job answering customer service calls at night to help boost my income. I’m probably lucky that some risky moves like taking out credit card balance transfers to myself to fund my ROTH IRA didn’t blow up in my face.

I worked as hard as possible at my first job, learning as much as I could. Eventually I turned this knowledge into an opportunity to get some contract work leveraging those skills, more than doubling my salary.

After a short time I was able to really take off in my area and get into consulting. I even moved to a lower cost of living area in Florida to make those raises go even further thanks to a concept referred to as “Geographic Arbitrage”. I’m not sure weather to credit Get Rich Slowly or r/FinancialIndependence for that term.

I managed to increase my income by over 300% in 3 years as well as keep my expenses to a minimum, even saving over 70% of my take home pay, you can find the details of my expenses outlined here.

Now I’m interested obsessed with my finances. I check mint and personal capital far too often. I’m hoping this blog gives me a good outlet, because we all know “normal” people don’t want to talk about finances, retiring early, or that backpacking trip I’ve been dying to go on.

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