Damn it if Dividends…

Damn it if Dividends don’t feel good!

I just had to get that off my chest. Before you yell at me for being in my 20’s and caring about dividends, let me just say, oh what’s that? The stock price reflects the dividends by dropping? I should trust the company to reinvest the money? Higher taxes? Growth or go home? Well…

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Income and Expenses – October 2016

Tracking your expenses isn’t a new idea, but it is a great one. I think the best way to keep myself accountable is to write everything down for all to see. I recommend everyone actually write out your outcomes from each month as it seems to have more impact than just looking at your Mint budget. Let’s call this my “Weight Watchers for Money”.

My goal is to be to keep my savings rate at or above 70%. Let’s see how I did this month. I’m so close to crossing the $150k mark!

November Income/Expenses:

Paycheck $5,080
401k $1,500
HSA $238
 Misc Income $109
 Total Income $6,927

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