4 Reasons Millennials Say They Don’t Care About Money

Millennials don’t care about money.

That’s what I’ve been hearing over and over again. This is either a misunderstanding of millennials or millennials misunderstanding reality. If millennials do care about money then why has this idea become so pervasive with “generational experts” and blogs everywhere? Are they lying, or are millennials?

Here are 4 reasons millennials say they don’t care about money.

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The First Step to Financial Independence – Earn More or Spend Less?

Everyone is looking for a secret way to become financially independent. The reality is that there are two ways to move towards financial independence faster, earn more or spend less. Also winning the lottery, counting cards, or helping out that Nigerian prince who has been hitting you up for a great investment.

Of course we all want to accomplish both, but the path to accomplishing these is much different, and one is much easier than the other.
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Income and Expenses – April 2016

Tracking your expenses isn’t a new idea, but it really is a great one. I myself decided to keep track of mine after reading Dividend Mantra for a time. I think the best way to keep myself accountable is to write everything down for all to see. I recommend everyone actually write out your outcomes from each month. It seems to have more impact than just looking at your Mint budget. Let’s call this my “Weight Watchers for Money”.

Below I’ve recorded in charts and graphs some data points I thought might be good to keep track of.


Paycheck $4,745
401k $1,500
HSA $238*
 Misc Income $700*
 Total Income $7,183

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